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Avoid Costly Repairs and increased energy waste

Stop Damage from earthquakes, frost heave and strong winds

Re-level and secure your home's foundation

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?

Cracks in your drywall?

Humps in the floor?

Separation or humps at the marriage line?

The sensation of walking up or downhill?

Doors that rub or get stuck?

Doors that swing open or closed on their own?

Items rolling off countertops?

Windows or sliding doors that get stuck?

If you are experiencing one or more of these problems your mobile home is probably no longer level and should be re-leveled before major damage occurs to your home.


Leveling Your Home

We use the latest effective tools and methods to bring your home up to a perfect level. Click here to see a demonstration of how the On Level Pros re-level a home.


Tie-downs are systems of heavy-duty straps and anchors designed to stabilize manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes) during high winds.

Failure to properly install and maintain tie-downs results in reduced capacity to resist sliding and overturning.

Manufactured homes are elevated and therefore vulnerable to the forces of wind uplift.

Wind passing over the top of such homes can exacerbate this effect.

Manufactured homes are more easily flipped or damaged during windstorms than site-built homes and they require tie-downs to remain stable.

Manufactured homes are also relatively lightweight when compared with site-built homes.

Tie-Down Anchoring Systems for Mobile/Manufactured homes are now REQUIRED by State law to conform to Federal HUD standards.

Upgrading your homes anchoring system will ensure that your mobile home is properly secured, reducing possible damage to your home and your neighbor’s property.

Lending: Tie-downs will also be required by Banks if you ever decide to refinance your home, convert to an FHA / VA loan or apply for a reverse mortgage.

We install our Tie-down systems compliant to HUD/FHA standards.

Local, state, national requirements

Foundation systems are typically subject to state or local building codes. On Level Services use foundation and tie-down systems that meet or exceed local, state, and national requirements.

The Xi2 HUD compliant tie-down system we offer carries engineering approvals in virtually all States and jurisdictions.

FHA/HUD Certified Foundation and Tie-Down Systems

High quality tie-down strap

If you've ever tried to sell a mobile home to an FHA/VA buyer or tried to buy a mobile home using FHA/VA lending, you know the challenges that the process entails.

There are unique standards that Mobile/Manufactured Homes must comply with to be certified as having a HUD permanent foundation. We can now take all the stress of that process out of the equation by installing one of our HUD compliant foundation systems for Mobile/Manufactured homes. This System satisfies State tie-down requirements, is seismically rated, and satisfies HUD's Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing (HUD-7584), dated September 1996.

So, whether you're buying, selling, refinancing, or trying to get a Reverse Mortgage, our installed systems will make that possible for you. And remember, Only State Certified Mobile Home Technicians are legally allowed to install these systems. And all of our installers are Certified Installers.

Our Proprietary Foundation System below is only $2600 installed, about half the cost of traditional Systems.
Receive $500 off this System when you have your house re-leveled at the time of installation.

Seismic Piers

Earthquake Resistant Bracing

Another Mobile/Manufactured Home Foundation System that Qualifies for FHA/VA lending also qualifies as an Earthquake Resistant Bracing System (ERBS). The concept is a simple one. The ERBS system is made with strong steel piers that are mechanically attached to the home's frame and very wide, mechanically strengthened concrete footings. When an earthquake occurs, and the other piers give way, the ERBS will hold the home in its upright position to prevent catastrophic damage from occurring. The System shown here, or similar, is about $5800 installed.

Trust the Re-Leveling Pros at On Level Services


With years of Certified manufactured home experience, you can rely on our promise to get the job right the first time

We specialize in re-leveling and retrofitting manufactured home foundations.


We use only the best industry-standard methods and materials.

We regularly attend State mandated continuing education courses.

The professionals at On Level are trained according to up-to-date and latest developments in the manufactured home industry.



You can trust the On Level experts. They are professional in their work and appearance.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Our experienced, professional installers are certified in your State.

Pricing - Limited Time Offer

For a Limited Time On Level is offering...

$500 OFF a State-Of-The-Art Foundation Seismic/Tie-Down System

That is $500 OFF an Xi2 HUD Compliant Tie-Down Foundation System
when you have it installed at time of re-level!


$ 1099
  • Additional Cost, if needed
  • + $150 per tip-out
  • + $100 per excess inch out of level


$ 1299
  • Additional Cost, if needed
  • + $100 per excess inch out of level


$ 1499
  • Additional Cost, if needed
  • + $150 per excess inch out of level

(Replacement materials if required are not included in prices - $0-30 typically)
(Additional charges of $100 per inch apply to single-wide  and double-wide homes in excess of 1" out of level / $150 per excess inch for triple-wide)
(Homes with earthquake systems $100 - 200 to adjust to new height depending on system)
(Our service fee is $499 plus travel if you elect to not have us re-level your home on the day you are scheduled or do not give us 48 hours notice of cancelation.)

If your home is more than 1 hour from our locaton an additional fee will be added to cover travel expenses. Typically, the additional charges are $100 for each additional hour.

Need a custom plan?  Get in touch today


Maybe your house feels level to you,
but you want peace of mind from knowing that your
foundation is solid and in good condition.

We now offer a new service we call the Tune-Up!

A Tune-up includes a full inspection,
just like a re-level, without adjusting the home’s current level.

We check everything thoroughly and tighten any loose piers we find.
And we will rebuild up to two tilting or toppled piers.

(Additional pier rebuilds and materials not included)

If you decide to have us re-level your home,
In most cases we can fully re-level your home that same day!

Tune-Up Prices


  • Additional Cost, if needed
  • + $50 per tip-out
  • See descriptions below


$ 799
  • Additional Cost, if needed
  • See descriptions below


$ 899
  • Additional Cost, if needed
  • See descriptions below

Please Note... Additional expenses may apply - read the descriptions below:

(Replacement materials if required are not included in prices - $0-30 typically)

(Our service fee is $499 plus travel expenses if you elect not to have us perform a Tune-Up on your scheduled day or if you do not give us 48 hours notice of cancellation.)

If your home is more than 1 hour from our locaton an additional fee will be added to cover travel expenses. Typically, the additional charges are $100 for each additional hour.

Interested in a Tune-Up for your home?

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